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Reflecting on: The Walking Dead



It’s only been a week since season 3 ended, and I’m already having withdrawals.

…Not that I overly enjoyed season 3. Many conversations with friends were spent griping about plot lines, poor character development, and just Andrea in general. But despite its flaws The Walking Dead remains my favorite television show. It is the only show I make sure I watch every night it airs, and only one of two TV shows I watch weekly that is not sports related. (The other being Duck Dynasty. I cannot get enough of that family…)

Season 3 began with our favorite zombie killing group stumbling upon a prison outside of Atlanta, Georgia. They cleared a section of the prison of zombies and made this safe haven their home. Throughout the first few episodes A LOT, and I mean a lot, of action happened. Their was great character growth. Zombies were being killed. People were being killed. A lot of tough moral decisions were being made. Fans were being pleased. Herschel, our once religious father figure veterinarian, became a one-legged, do what is necessary fierce fan favorite. Michionne, the silent warrior, was introduced. Daryl continued being Daryl, a regular shoot ’em the face with your crossbow pro.Our villainous Governor took center stage for main creeper.  And Lori died. All was well.

Then the show slid hard. We spent 3 episodes whose main plot lines were that Rick is friggin’ crazy now and is losing his mind. Another consistent(ly boring) back story was having Andrea trying to decide where her loyalties lie; with the group at the prison, or her new lover, The Governor. Random “fights” between The Governor and our prison group take place, and no resolution is every truly reached in these battles besides many meaningless characters are killed off and Season 4 is coming and Woodbury is finally moving on without its leader. Gah! So much potential!

A friend of mine was telling me that my perception would be much different if I wasn’t watching the episodes one at a time, but rather had the opportunity already to view them on dvd (blu ray strictly for me), without interruption. His point being that the story would flow much better as it progressed and would entertain more than bore.

But therein lies part of the problem… this is a TV show, not a movie or web series. It’s going to be viewed by millions and millions of people one episode per week. Keep us wanting to come back, The Walking Dead! Keep us tantalized with Michionne beheading zombies. With a Daryl/Rick zombie WWE tag team match. With a group loose cannon who is always pushing peoples’ buttons *cough cough- Shane and Merle- *cough cough.

Season 4 does have some things to look forward to though. The main thing being a new showrunner is being introduced. Scott Gimple, who wrote the three episodes “Pretty Much Dead Already”, “Hounded”, and “Clear”, is hailed as an excellent replacement for Glen Mazzara, who had run his stay into the ground. Also, it’s been reported that the character of The Governor will get much more evil, the walkers will be a factor again (finally…), and of course, it’s being promoted as the best season yet.

The season 3 “finale” (if you can truly call it that) left our group taking in the women, children, and elderly from the abandoned Woodbury. Carl is questioning his father’s methods and is not allowing himself to be weak or soft and just committed his first murder in this post-apocalyptic world. Andrea, oh so ironically, got to off herself after being bitten. And Tyrese is here! Comic book fans understand…

The Walking Dead will always have a special place in my heart due to the nature of the show- zombies, moral dilemmas, and a desire for hope. A hope for a safe life. A hope for a promising future. A hope for a cure. As fans let us hope the characters do not find a permanent solution to what they’re searching for, or else The Walking Dead will just be referring to the zombies.

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