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It’s Amazing How You Think You Know A Person…

… and then they go and amaze you in with a senseless act of selfishness. It’s human nature but we, or at least I, still expect more. The one thing my mind always winds back up at is the idea that people just are who they are. Some people may never change from the bad habits they’ve incurred. Some people are imprisoned by the behaviors they subject themselves to, and have fallen victims to before in their lives. It’s a tough concept to remember about humanity, but when I do I feel more caring, less frustrated, and more Jesus driven.

People are just people. I am no better. We all have a history that has molded us, shaped us, and we have been formed into something, good and bad, by our past. We can grow. We are called to overcome. But more often than not, we are called to help others overcome.



A heart after God’s own will.

God loves us through thick and thin, we’ve got to learn to love each other through the same.

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