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Every night before I go to sleep I take a little, tiny pill.

It helps me. It enables me to see when I am being irrational. Chemically, it produces something within me that my body does not do as well as others’ do naturally. But it’s just a tool. Just an aid to help me grow and cope and survive normally.

We all have our issues in life. Everyone. Everywhere. No one is immune to problems. Social troubles, physical ailments, spiritual dilemmas, etc. It’s our growing beyond what limits us that proves our strength, proves our hope, proves our love for others and the power the love of other’s can do for us. Reach beyond the limited, reach out to the Limitless.

We have all sorts of mechanisms that we use to consume our lives and fix our wounds. Sports, reality TV, music, books after books, TV series (often days at a time), the opposite sex, work, drugs, video games… There is so, so much filler in our lives.

As Christians we need to work together to grow towards God. We need to strive for attaining a state of heaven on Earth. This goes beyond being missional among the poor, among the weak, among the lost… this is about loving your brother. Loving your sister. Going above and beyond for your neighbor. It is through love, and showing other’s God’s love, that we overcome our problems.

There is no problem too big for God. There is nothing He cannot and has not overcome.

We are His tools. We are His love.

Remember this as we strive to bring Heaven here and rid ourselves of pain and tears, and fill our lives with the Hope, Faith, and Love of Christ.

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