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Air Review- “Low Wishes”

Dallas, Texas is home to many unknown indie bands trying to make it big, but maybe one of these young bloods will finally break the barrier. Air Review released their second full length album January 29th, and it is chalk full of great tunes. They have penned meaningful lyrics that transcend emotions and take the listener to a place of self awareness and poetic journeys that can be interpreted in a variety of ways. The musicianship is layered deep and is rich in sounds that will make you tap your toes and gently sway your body throughout each song. Throughout the album there is enough variety among the songs that the listener will not become bored, but I believe it is important to note at the same time that the best way to enjoy “Low Wishes” is in its entirety and not just piece by piece with certain songs.

It’s amazing to think how far they’ve transformed themselves since their debut album “Landmarks” was released. That album was much poppier, but their newest release seems much more intentional at being unique and creative, and those two qualities are what make this piece of art stand out. To summarize this review: the vocals, musicianship, and lyrics fit together perfectly and create a genuine masterpiece of music that could never be recreated. With an album this good, it is hard to have low wishes about this band’s future.

Favorite Tracks: “America’s Son”, “Low Wishes”, and “Rebel”

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