Air Review- “Low Wishes”

Dallas, Texas is home to many unknown indie bands trying to make it big, but maybe one of these young bloods will finally break the barrier. Air Review released their second full length album January 29th, and it is chalk full of great tunes. They have penned meaningful lyrics that transcend emotions and take the listener to a place of self awareness and poetic journeys that can be interpreted in a variety of ways. The musicianship is layered deep and is rich in sounds that will make you tap your toes and gently sway your body throughout each song. Throughout the album there is enough variety among the songs that the listener will not become bored, but I believe it is important to note at the same time that the best way to enjoy “Low Wishes” is in its entirety and not just piece by piece with certain songs.

It’s amazing to think how far they’ve transformed themselves since their debut album “Landmarks” was released. That album was much poppier, but their newest release seems much more intentional at being unique and creative, and those two qualities are what make this piece of art stand out. To summarize this review: the vocals, musicianship, and lyrics fit together perfectly and create a genuine masterpiece of music that could never be recreated. With an album this good, it is hard to have low wishes about this band’s future.

Favorite Tracks: “America’s Son”, “Low Wishes”, and “Rebel”

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The Hobbit- “An Unexpected Journey”




To briefly review the first of three movies to tell the story of “The Hobbit”, I can simply say it was enthralling. The movie held my attention throughout every minute. From the storyline, the many characters, incredible acting, and the animations I continuously caught myself on the edge of my seat with my jaw wide open. The scene that stole the whole show and was the brightest spot (among many, many bright spots) was Bilbo’s interactions with Gollum. They had an incredible vision for how they wanted Gollum to come off as both evil and a victim of evil, who is powerless to his sadistic addiction.

This front book-end to “The Hobbit” series is just as good as “The Fellowship of the Ring” was. Peter Jackson is the George Lucas of this series. Having read the book years ago, as the story progressed I anxiously awaited the great action scenes I knew were coming. Unfortunately I do not remember what else is coming after the events of the first movie, so I guess I’ll just have to wait and be surprised for what “The Hobbit” movies 2 and 3 have in store (and have enough self-control to not google search it in the meantime).

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Every night before I go to sleep I take a little, tiny pill.

It helps me. It enables me to see when I am being irrational. Chemically, it produces something within me that my body does not do as well as others’ do naturally. But it’s just a tool. Just an aid to help me grow and cope and survive normally.

We all have our issues in life. Everyone. Everywhere. No one is immune to problems. Social troubles, physical ailments, spiritual dilemmas, etc. It’s our growing beyond what limits us that proves our strength, proves our hope, proves our love for others and the power the love of other’s can do for us. Reach beyond the limited, reach out to the Limitless.

We have all sorts of mechanisms that we use to consume our lives and fix our wounds. Sports, reality TV, music, books after books, TV series (often days at a time), the opposite sex, work, drugs, video games… There is so, so much filler in our lives.

As Christians we need to work together to grow towards God. We need to strive for attaining a state of heaven on Earth. This goes beyond being missional among the poor, among the weak, among the lost… this is about loving your brother. Loving your sister. Going above and beyond for your neighbor. It is through love, and showing other’s God’s love, that we overcome our problems.

There is no problem too big for God. There is nothing He cannot and has not overcome.

We are His tools. We are His love.

Remember this as we strive to bring Heaven here and rid ourselves of pain and tears, and fill our lives with the Hope, Faith, and Love of Christ.

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My Favorite Albums & Movies of 2012

Listed below are my personal favorite albums and movies of 2012. I hope you appreciate the creativeness and time spent in making these pieces of art and stories that are being told.

I know I do…

20. Defining Times- Separate Tongues

Favorite Tracks: “Outlaw”, “Driving into Smoke” and “Swan Dive”

19. The Citizens- Already Not Yet           

Favorite Tracks: “Oh God”, “This Tenderness”, and “Amazing Grace”

18. Devious Means- Songs We All Are Singing

Favorite Tracks: “Problematic”, “Shake”, and “Porcelain Mouths”

17. Joshua Michael Robinson- Intentions

Favorite Tracks: “Broken Sling”, “Only I Know”, and “Cherokee”

16. Among Savages- Wanderings of an Illustrative Mind

Favorite Tracks: “Raging Sun”, “A Dark Design”, and “Terrified”

15. Jt Daly- Memory           

Favorite Tracks: “Oberlin”, “Things Will Never be the Same”, and “Memory”

14. General Ghost- Give Me to the Waves EP & If Then EP

Favorite Tracks: “If Then”, “Don’t Need You”, and “Love You Like You Love Me”

13. Mumford and Sons- Babel         

Favorite Tracks: “Below My Feet”, “Lover of the Light”, and “Lover’s Eyes”

12. The Lighthouse and the Whaler- This is an Adventure

Favorite Tracks: “Pioneer”, “Iron Doors”, and “Little Vessels”

11. Churchill- The Change EP

Favorite Tracks: “Change”, “Sing Out Your Love”, and “Made a List”

10. House of Heroes- Cold Hard Want

Favorite Tracks: “Remember the Empire”, “Touch this Light” and “Stay”

9. The Rocketboys- Build Anyway

Favorite Tracks: “Time is a Devil”, “Marching to the Palace”, and “Carry Me”

8. Now, Now- Threads           

Favorite Tracks: “Prehistoric”, “Thread”, and “Wolf”

7. Further Seems Forever- Penny Black

Favorite Tracks: “Engines”, “Stem the Loss”, and “Janie”

6. The Early November- In Currents

Favorite Tracks: “Tell Me Why”, “A Stain on the Carpet”, and “That’s Not Your Real Name”

5 . Monsters Calling Home –Monsters Calling Home EP


Monsters Calling Home recently changed their name to Run River North. This EP hosts one of my favorites songs of all time in “Foxbeard”. I thoroughly enjoy this band’s story and look forward to seeing how far they go from here.

Favorite Tracks: “Foxbeard” and “Monsters Calling Home”

4. Kopecky Family Band- Kids Raising Kids

What’s not to love about male/female duel vocals in an indie band? This band has the rhythm, the vibe, and the kick to make you dance or just bob your head to the beat.

Favorite Tracks: “Wandering Eyes”, “Heartbeat”, and “Are You Listening?”

3. Anberlin- Vital


Not since “Cities” have Anberlin fans given them a real chance at being a truly great band, but the band’s reputation is saved with “Vital”. It is everything “Cities” was and more. This album truly has re-vital-ized their fans’ passion.

Favorite Tracks: “Someone Anyone”, “Little Tyrants”, and “God, Drugs, and Sex”

2. From Indian Lakes- Able Bodies

With their sophomore release From Indian Lakes have perfected their sound. A unique blend of vocal melodies, musicianship, and lyricism give birth to “Able Bodies”, and boy is it good.

Favorite Tracks: “We Follow”, “Stay Outside”, and “Breaking My Bones”

1. Paper Route –The Peace of Wild Things

 A solid album from start to finish. Paper Route have crafted 10 songs that flow together, shift moods in a solemn manner, and take you on an emotional journey. No two songs sound the same and every song packs a punch.

Favorite Tracks: “Sugar”, “You and I”,  and “Glass Heart Hymn”

My 5 Favorite Movies of 2012… kind of…

1 a. The Dark Knight Rises

An amazing ending to the great Christopher Nolan trilogy.

1 b. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

This one ties for first because it is completely different than TDKR, it is just as deserving for my #1 spot. Such an emotional and powerful movie.

2. The Avengers

Ultimate superhero/ comedy/ action/ Robert Downey Jr. mashup.

3. Skyfall

James Bond at his finest. Had me on the edge of my seat throughout the film.

4. The Amazing Spider-man

Hated the first spider-man series, but boy does Andrew Garfield make for a great Peter Parker.

5. Brave

Can Pixar do any wrong?

Movies I Haven’t Seen Yet, but am Pretty Sure I Would Love…


Safety Not Guaranteed


The Intouchables

The Hobbit

Django Unchained

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