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Summer Movie Reviews (Pt. 1)

It’s summer time, and for me that means time with friends, family, completing my “honey-do” list, and movies. Smoovies one might say. I consider myself a movie nerd. Not in the way that I know every actor/actress or enjoy analyzing deep, layered films, but rather in the way that I enjoy watching movie upon movie upon movie for the entertainment purpose. My brief reviews will be based on how entertaining the film was for me… I hope you enjoy what I have to say about the film’s I’ve enjoyed!

Iron Man 3– The third part of the Iron Man film was very, very fun. Explosions, Tony Stark one liners, great character development, and a surprising twist included. The thing it lacked was believability. A superhuman villain that was hard to believe. There were parts where the good guys should have been able to do more, but to make the movie more interesting they made our heroes tasks more challenging to attempt to enhance the film (which made the film more hard to believe as well). Believability aside, as it is a superhero film, the movie was a step in the right direction overall for the Iron Man franchise, and even a good followup to last summer’s “The Avengers”

Rating: 7.5/10


Star Trek: Into Darkness– Again, another super entertaining film with many, many explosions. If you’re a Trekkie at heart I hope this “remodel” of the series suits you, because it is an incredible interpretation of the Star Trek story. The brotherhood and loyalty aspect between Captain Kirk and Spock is taken to a deeper level. The enemy of the film is given a great role and truly has a sinister demeanor. Also, when a film can make me believe the characters are actually on a ship in space getting attacked and flying around, it’s a huge plus.

Rating: 8/10


Now You See Me– This movie’s tag line is “in a summer of sequels there’s one movie that is original, unique, with surprises like nothing you’ve ever seen before” , and it is very true. This movie stands strong in that it is very unique and original. It contains many twists, and like real magic tricks, it captures the audience’s attention from start to finish. The movie kept me guessing until the very end. Some may say it’s predictable, but no matter what the movie is fun, entertaining, and magical. If you were to mesh “The Tourist” and “National Treasure”, you’d come up with a movie not really similar to “Now You See Me”, but somewhat reminiscent due to the fun, lighthearted nature that keeps you guessing. It really is difficult to describe this movie… but that’s a good thing.

Rating: 8/10


Fast and Furious 6– This movie… just kidding. I’m not ever going to see this. Nothing about stealing/racing/flipping cars, tanks versus cars, cars versus planes, etcetera interests me. But whatever floats your boat…

Rating: pshhh


Overall I have enjoyed what this summer has offered so far. We haven’t received anything near the realm of “The Dark Knight” or Rises, the “Harry Potter” movies, or “The Avengers” but Hollywood is still keeping us in the theater. Here are a few more flicks I’m interested in for the second half of the summer of 2013:

  • Pacific Rim- What’s not to love about giant robots fighting giant monsters???
  • The Heat- Sum it up in two words? Lady hilarity. I’ll see it.
  • Monsters University- I never saw “Monsters Inc.”, but this clever idea of them in college has me intrigued.
  • World War Z- Mark me down to see any big budget zombie movie.
  • Despicable Me 2- Those little minions are adorable.
  • The Lone Ranger- I love Johnny Depp in those outlandish roles.
  • Elysium- I highly enjoyed “District 9”, and the directors of it are teaming up to make “Elysium”. Ummm, yes please!

Thanks for reading!

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32 Bold Predictions for the 2013 NFL Draft



It is very tough mock out the 2013 NFL Draft. I have worked it over and over and over… but I keep coming back to the same teams with a huge question mark. However, I do have some predictions I will throw out just for the heck of it from draftniks and beat writers I have followed. The following is my best guess at what I think could happen during draft night!


1. The Kansas City Chiefs, with the 1st overall pick, select…


Eric Fisher.


It’s been reported that the Chiefs coaching staff prefers Fisher over Joeckel. The choice has got to be down to these two tackles, it’s just a matter of which they prefer. My guess is Fisher (from what I’ve heard).


2. Just call it “The Draft of the Offensive Line”


Callin’ it. 5 offensive linemen will be drafted in the top 11 picks. That means Joeckel, Fisher, Lane Johnson, and some combination of two of these three: D.J. Fluker, Jonathon Cooper, and Chance Warmack.


3. The Best Guard


Jonathon Cooper gets drafted before Chance Warmack.


After all the talk of Warmack being a top prospect in the draft and the only thing counting against him is the fact that he is solely a guard, I think teams will be more impressed with Cooper’s athleticism.


4. Quarterback Conundrum


Two quarterbacks will be drafted in the top 10 picks.  At least three quarterbacks, and quite possibly four, will go overall in the first round.  Geno Smith,  Matt Barkley, and either Ryan Nassib or E.J. Manuel.


5. The Bills at 8…


With the eighth overall pick the Buffalo Bills select not quarterback Ryan Nassib, who is highly rumored to be selected here, but rather Matt Barkley. Supposedly it’s down to one of these two and my guess is they like Barkley’s intangibles enough to take him here.


6. Over/Under 9 Trades           


I’m taking the over here. This draft is not very top-heavy with talent, but the depth and how quickly some positions will dry out (offensive line, outside linebacker, defensive line), will cause many teams to trade up for “their guy”.  My guess is 10 total trades in the first round.


7. Speed Talks           


Tavon Austin, the small but amazingly fast wide receiver from West Virginia, will be drafted in the 11-15 range. And more than likely a team will trade up for him. Vikings, Rams, and Jets are just three teams that are said to be interested in Austin.


8. The Philadelphia Iggles


In the first round the Eagles do one of two things: take Geno Smith at pick 4, or they trade back from 4/ up from the 2nd round pick to select E.J. Manuel at the tail end of the first round. Just a gut feeling. Vick is gone after this year and Chip Kelly will want his own guy at the helm.


9. A Target for Bradford


The Rams miss out on Austin, but wind up drafting Deandre Hopkins. Sam Bradford should be happy to get someone new to throw to.


10.  Silver and Black


The Oakland Raiders’ pick at 3 becomes the first pick in the draft to be traded. I don’t see any value matching up with what they need and where they pick, so that coupled with other teams needing one of the elite offensive tackles I bet a trade gets done here.


11. Play That Song Mr. DJ


D.J. Hayden, cornerback of the University of Houston, is the second cornerback drafted. I expect they go in this order for the first round: Dee Milliner, DJ Hayden, then Xavier Rhodes.




The New York Jets trade back from pick 13 into the middle of the first round and wind up taking tight end Tyler Eifert with the pick. …. They really need play makers.


13. Round 1 Running Back


Edie Lacy will get drafted in round 1. He is too talented to fall into the second round, no matter how devalued the position has become. Teams like the Bengals, Packers, Rams, Jets, and Steelers could all use him.


14. Lennay Kekua Who?


Manti Te’o is not the first middle linebacker drafted. That would be Arthur Brown. But I still think Te’o is a lock for the first round. The Giants, Vikings, Ravens, and Bears are all likely suitors.


15. Tackles All Around


First it was the offensive tackles, now it’s the defensive tackles. I’m saying four defensive tackles are taken in the top 20 picks. They are: Star Lotuleilei, Shariff Floyd, Sheldon Richardson, and Sylvester Williams.


16. 49ers are Movin’ On Up


With 14 overall picks in the draft the team to watch is the San Fran 49ers. My guess is they trade up into the mid to late teens and take a defensive linemen. Maybe they go with Ziggy Ansah, Sheldon Richardson, or Star Lotuleilei if any of them are somehow available in the middle of the first round.


17. Menelik… How do You Even Say That?


Menelik Watson, a left tackle from Florida State University, gets drafted somewhere in the last 7 picks of the first round. If teams stay pat, that means I’m looking at teams like the Packers, Ravens, Texans, and Falcons to possibly draft him. It could happen.




Dee Milliner, whom I think will be the first corner taken, does not get taken until at least the tenth pick. I think he’ll be skipped over by the first nine teams, but definitely goes in the 10- 14 range. With news of all of his recent surgeries, it will be interesting to see if he starts to slide…


19. Safety is a Priority


Kenny Vaccaro is thought to be the top safety of this draft class. I say he goes in between the 12th and 19th pick of the draft. Many, many teams in that range need a safety (Cowboys, Giants, Rams, Saints, Dolphins, Steelers). There was also a report that some teams like him better than safety Mark Barron, who was selected 7th overall in the 2012 draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


20. A Different Kind of Trade


The Cleveland Browns will trade outside linebacker Jabaal Sheard during the draft at some point, all the while selecting the best OLB available at 6. The pick at 6 could be one of: Barkevious Mingo, Ziggy Ansah, or Dion Jordan.


21. 3 Corners in 6 Picks


I suspect there will be a run of cornerbacks drafted in the last 7 picks of the first round.  From pick 26 through 31 I bet 3 of these individuals will be taken: Darius Slay, Jonathon Banks, Jamar Taylor, Desmond Trufant, and Blidi Wreh-Wilson.


22. Speaking of Corners…


Tyrann Matthieu is picked in the second round. Baggage and all.



The next 10 predictions are simply predictions of players I think specific teams will draft.


23. Steelers will take Jarvis Jones in round 1.


24. The Eagles will take Kyle Long to fill the offensive tackle need in round 2.


25. The New York Football Giants scoop up Chance Warmack.


26. The Jaguars jump back into the first round from pick 33 and select Ryan Nassib.


27. The Rams take Alec Ogletree in the first to compliment James Laurinaitis.


28. D.J. Fluker to the Cardinals in the first round. Hopefully they are able to trade back and achieve this pick.


29. The Carolina Panthers select Sheldon Richardson in the first round…. Unless they are able to nab Star Lotuleilei.


30. The Atlanta Falcons move up in the draft and steal Tank Carradine from defensive end/ outside linebacker hungry teams like the Broncos and Colts.


31. The New England Patriots pick wide receiver Robert Woods… in the second round.


32. With the recent troubles coming upon Rolando McClain reports are running rampant that the Ravens will soon release the middle linebacker, thus freeing up a need in the draft. I’m pegging them to take MLB Kevin Minter.


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think could happen in the replies!

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